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Working life

Work life, balance

Branding, web design, app interface and icons, website, content management, marketing collateral.

Nomad created a confident brand that captures Working Life's positive, motivated and trusted outlook.

The soft colour palette, connects areas of Employee Assistance Programs, People/Organisational Development services and Injury Management, aiding online navigation and enhancing user experience.

Nomad captured the essence of Working Life's company — realising individual and organisational potential and building partnerships that last.

Lloyd D’Castro - Managing Director

Heather and Nomad were tasked to refresh our digital footprint and support to redefine who we are. Heather's impeccable collaboration, design and creative skills have led to create a fresh definition of our website and marketing material.

Working Life Story workshop-Nomad-Creative
Working life Story workshop-nomad-creative

Working Life resource-Nomad-creative